1 Initial enquiry

Whether you致e read about our work, seen an advertisement or heard about us through word of mouth, we値l handle your enquiry quickly and courteously.

2 Site visit

As head of Design & Concepts, I値l listen carefully to your requirements and find out about your business, then I値l arrange a visit to your site at a time that suits you. On site, I値l measure up, take notes and make sure I fully understand exactly what you want from the project. I値l also find out whether you want us to supply equipment.

3 Ideas

Next, within a short space of time I値l present you with ideas for layout and finishes, paying close attention to elements like functionality, usage, budget, aesthetics and long-term suitability. If it helps, I can also provide 3D visualisations to show how your new workspace will look these can be amended (within reason) to help guarantee exactly the end result you池e hoping for.

4 Plans and costings

At this stage I値l email an estimate of costs and timescale. I値l also draw up a detailed working plan that also lists all the tasks needed to complete the project. Working plans are usually presented at the point when the deposit is paid.

5 Cost approval

Once costs are approved, I値l revisit the site for contract signing and to take a pre-agreed deposit for the work.

6 Planning permission

If planning permission is necessary for your project, that痴 no problem. This is something we can deal with on your behalf.

7 Work Begins

On the agreed date, work starts. We値l arrive on site, prepare the area for installation by stripping out old fittings, then get to work. As the project moves on, we値l keep you up to date with verbal progress reports as well as consulting you if we need any unforeseen decisions from you.

8 Review and handover

Once the work is complete, we値l walk you through the newly fitted site and identify any issues or snagging. When every last detail has been taken care of, we値l hand over the keys and leave you to enjoy our craftsmanship.

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